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Your company, club or family foundation has a unique story to tell, an exciting history and legacy that deserves to be preserved and celebrated. We can help you capture, showcase and monetize your history.


  • Capture and preserve your irreplaceable and valuable historical archives in durable, high-resolution formats, both digital and analog

RIX Industries

In Our Own Words—

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Design and produce a beautiful coffee-table book showcasing your unique history

  • Target marketing, advertising, promotional and display materials to help you monetize your unique story and assets
  • Create multi-media trade show, lobby displays and employee training materials
  • Produce video documentaries detailing your company's history and heritage
  • Design and write marketing materials, brochures and awareness-building,
    sales-generation programs that reflect your legacy as a company asset

Lobby display for the California Pacific Medical Center

Department of Ophthalmology

"I am IONS" social media campaign for

The Institute of Noetic Sciences