Our board wanted an exhibit of historical photos opposite the CPMC education center, a large and engaging display. What Company History Productions created is very handsome. I am delighted with the look of it.                           

— Jo Burnett, Executive Director, Pacific Vision Foundation


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The Eye Institute was funded, purchased and developed by the Pacific Vision Foundation to create a permanent and more spacious residence for the Department of Ophthalmology of the California Pacific Medical Center [CPMC]. The new building at 711 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco, needed signage for the lobby. As part of that effort, we were asked to develop a video collage celebrating vision. That led to a design for a permanent installation for CPMC main clinic. We scoured their archives and various historical libraries to find portraits of the early luminaries of Ophthalmology that founded the Department, and then designed and produced a visual timeline for display on three walls.