We begin with interviewsyou, your executive team, your employees, and if appropriate your customers/clients—to capture the essence of your company, club or family foundation in your own words, not ours. These comments might become quotations sprinkled throughout the book. Your unique story might includes key historical achievements and developments, early and recent events, a "What We Have Learned" section, a mission statement reflecting core values and beliefs, division sections, profiles of founders, executives or clients, and other key aspects of your company, its celebrated past and its approach to the future. 

Above: Our archivists meticulously digitally
capture fragile photos and documents.

Below: A six-color Heidelberg 2002 press
produces exquisite offset printing for our books

Next, we capture your precious photos, documents and other artifacts, preserve them in digital format with metadata for your project, and can provide you with a printed catalogue of your archives if you desire. 
Meanwhile, we conduct extensive on-line research to ensure we have all your historical elements, then we write the copy, create an appropriate and elegant design for the book and obtain your approval every step along the way to final digital files. We oversee the printing and case-binding of the books and manage all aspects of the project from concept to delivery. The timeline will vary depending on the complexity of the project.